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Experian Data Quality customers like, Fairytale Brownies and improved operations and ROI by using Experian Data Quality address software.  Read their stories and more.

Address Verification from Experian Data Quality

Ensuring contact data quality is vital to a customer-centric strategy.

Address verification software from Experian Data Quality ensures the validity of customer address information at the point of entry. Accurate address information allows organizations to better target and communicate to consumers.

Accurate contact data:

  • Aids in improving customer service
    With verified addresses, direct mail, orders, and other communications will delivered on time, keeping customers happy and loyal.
  • Helps in attaining a single customer view
    An accurate piece of contact information can serve as a unique identifier for each consumer, helping organizations better identify and prevent duplicate records.
  • Improves marketing ROI
    Having accurate address information for each customer allows marketers to better understand customers, improving segmentation, campaign attribution and overall business intelligence.

Address management products

Point-of-entry address verification solution that verifies addresses as they are entered against the latest USPS® data file.

QAS Pro Web
Real-time online address validation solution for website forms and other web environments.

QAS Batch
Back-end address cleansing solution used to clean, verify and standardize existing addresses in a database.

All Experian Data Quality solutions are easy to use and are integrated quickly and simply into your current system. Learn more about these tools at

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