Global Marketing Insights - Building a brand in the BRICs


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The BRICs are becoming ever-larger forces in the world economy. If current growth rates continue, by 2025 they could account for over half the size of the G7. Of the current seven largest world economies, only the US may be among the seven largest in 2050. All four of the BRICs are likely to be represented. International brand owners cannot afford to ignore them.


The BRICs markets Brazil, Russia, India and China are under increasing focus. As well as being seen as future cornerstones of the world economy, they are significant markets today in their own right. International brand owners cannot afford to ignore them. This presentation uses research-based evidence to provide guidance for marketers. It examines the similarities and differences between the BRICs,and suggests strategies for building successful brands in these huge and dynamic markets. The information used comes from the TGI network of worldwide marketing research studies. These provide valuable insight into behavior and attitudes in relation to a wide range of consumer sectors.