Achieving A Competitive Edge Through CustomerCentricity


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This paper provides a clear, measurable and actionable framework for achieving competitive advantage through customer-centricity empowered by Customer Data Integration.


"Even in the most complex transactions, people ultimately buy with emotions and justify their decisions with logic. This point was illustrated recently when viewing a series of 1970s-era television commercials. Back then, cars were sold logically, highlighting features such as back-seat room for adults. A bleach commercial was anchored on an offer to actually mail test results proving that you can use a smaller amount of the company?s brand than the competition?s (if you provided a self-addressed, stamped envelope). These commercials obviously are a far cry from the clever ?Zoom, Zoom, Zoom? emotional play offered by Mazda? or the cool factor conveyed by all things Apple?. Emotions, which may sometimes even defy logic, are now understood to be the most powerful factor in the success or failure of gaining and retaining customers. Emotional connections are the heart and soul of good customer relationships. Yet, few in the corporate world recognize the value of creating planned emotional experiences for their customers. Today?s most astute customer-centric organizations (think FedEx?) are realizing immense success by deliberately creating superior customer experiences across all their customer interactions."