Five Ways to Use Syndicated Research to Measure Advertising Effectiveness: Experian Simmons Datastream


Tags: Marketing Services, Customer Acquisition

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Continue to shift dollars and resources to digital channels at a faster pace, marketers are challenged to develop and execute customer engagement strategies that take full advantage of this critically important medium. Taking into account data-driven benchmarks and trends, it looks like 2010 will be a year of growth for marketers, but the weak job market will continue to make consumers cautious. In 2009, year-end sales showed improvement in many key sectors, and data suggests that marketers can anticipate better results in the near future. For example, based on an early look at Experian's email data, transactions were up 2.8 percent for the peak of the 2009 holiday season, and overall sales increased 15.2 percent. Looking at the longer period encompassing all of December, email-driven sales were up 11 percent, indicating a strong finish for 2009. These trends highlight the effectiveness and importance of digital marketing even in the face of a challenging economy.