LEAF Commercial Capital: Improve portfolio management with competitive data insights


Tags: Business Information, Fraud Prevention

This case study explains how LEAF, an equipment leasing and financial company for dealers, resellers, manufacturers and distributors, is able to stay competitive by refining its business strategies and focusing on development of more profitable account relationships with Experian business credit reports as well as membership in the Small Business Credit Share consortium.


LEAF operates in a very competitive industry. Challenges the company faces include the ability to accurately segement and monitor its portfolio and to determine how it compares with its peers on portfolio composition and performance. An Experian client for several years, LEAF is also a member of Small Business Credit Share, a consortium of financial and nonfinancial companies that contribute their commercial financial information to Experian in exchange for exclusive access to premium products and services. Armed with the insights provided by the Small Business Credit Share, LEAF has been able to refine its business strategies and focus on developing more profitable account relationships.

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