Data Breach Case Studies: From Incident to Resolution


Tags: Data Breach, Fraud Prevention

An investigative approach to data breaches. Learn important lessons learned from data breach case studies where some key tactics were applied.


Across all industries, data breaches continue to abound and the variety of root causes are just as plentiful: lost laptops, missing backup tapes, stolen computers, compromised servers, and hackers being some of the more well-known culprits. Identifying the origin of a breach is just the first step toward resolution. It is imperative to also immediately investigate the nature and extent of the intrusion. This demands a tactical and intelligent threefold approach using conventional investigative means, computer forensics, and a savvy cyber crime incident response team. Addressing Key Questions After investigating nearly every angle of a data breach, one common denominator amongst all breaches can be identified: the need for prompt resolution. While taking swift action to minimize future security vulnerabilities, key answers must be brought to light for numerous constituents. Board of Directors, corporate officers and information technology executives need to harness the proper knowledge so they can fully assess damages, determine reporting obligations with respect to statutory notifications and law enforcement, and decide whether or not to issue public statements. How?

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