2010 Q1 Automotive Marketplace Insight Snapshot


Tags: Automotive, Automotive, Customer Acquisition

The Q1 quarterly trend analysis from Experian Automotive presents data from the first quarter, 2010 on new vehicle registrations, corporate loyalty and brand loyalty.


New vehicle registrations headed in a positive direction in Q1 2010, gaining nearly 300,000 units a 12.8 percent increase over new vehicle registrations in Q1 2009. While the automotive industry is still working its way back to its former health, new vehicle registrations in the first quarter provided reason for optimism that the industry is turning the corner. In addition to the increase in new vehicle registrations, nearly every automaker could point to some type of positive sales or market share metric for the quarter. Ford had the highest gain in new vehicle registrations, up nearly 27 percent and 95,000 units in Q1 2010 versus Q1 2009. Other significant increases were generated by Nissan (22.7 percent), Hyundai (19.6 percent), Honda (10.7 percent) and Toyota (8.6 percent).

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