Wouldn’t it be great to turn every patient encounter into a collection opportunity?

Collecting patient payments prior to or at the time of service is top priority. Experian Health’s PaymentSafe® provides an efficient and seamless way to process patient payments. It’s easy for both staff and patients to use—and it keeps you in control.

Adopt a holistic payment approach

PaymentSafe simplifies an often disjointed collections process by leveraging data throughout your organization. The account history option pre-populates outstanding balances from previous visits across your system, so your financial counselors are able to collect the total due for all encounters, not just the current visit. Remittance files are automatically included as well, so you’re certain every collection is properly posted in a timely way.

Collect any way, everywhere

Money can be accepted anywhere in the enterprise, everywhere in the revenue cycle. eChecking, signature debit, credit, recurring billing, cash, check and money orders are payment options available via a simple-to-use web tool using workstations, kiosks and portals. All payments are settled automatically and remitted electronically.

Be certain, be safe

Point-to-point encryption means cardholder data is secure from the second it’s swiped or entered into our PCI compliant credit card devices. Our security measures provide better compliance, and more peace-of-mind.

Learn more

PaymentSafe features seamless integration with our Patient Self Service portal, Open Balance Display, and Patient Estimates solutions for more accurate and timely payments. Find out how you can provide your patients with an automated, secure way to pay. Click Contact Us on the right.

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