Are you confident the person standing at the registration desk is the same person scheduled for the appointment? Do they have the same insurance they had last year?

Life changes. Patients change addresses and phone numbers, and job changes lead to changes in health insurance coverage. Ensuring accurate patient identity and insurance coverage prior to treatment isn’t just important, it’s critical to prevent healthcare identity theft, payment delays and high collection costs.

Easily identify every patient and accelerate payment

Something as simple as an incorrect address could lead to a denied claim, returned mail, or aging accounts receivable for self-pay patients. Identity Verification is your peace of mind. It validates and corrects demographic data during pre-registration and check-in by instantly accessing accurate name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, phone number and insurance coverage data from Experian Health.

Maintain a clean, accurate patient database

If patient demographics aren’t entered correctly during pre-registration or check-in, that inaccurate data disseminates throughout the organization. With Identity Verification, you can rely on the demographic validation you need—and avoid claim rejections and patient write-offs.

Minimize returned mail, maximize collections

Data from Identity Verification meets United States Postal Service® standards and uses appropriate formatting so you ensure proper delivery of patient statements and insurance claims, and reduce financial risks associated with medical fraud and lost invoices.

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