Increase patient satisfaction and streamline operations

It is no secret that patient wait times are the primary source of patient dissatisfaction. But because new Medicare initiatives tie patient satisfaction to reimbursement, it is more important than ever for managers and staff to explicitly manage wait times.

Be proactive vs. reactive

PatientTrack measures patient wait times and alerts management and staff when wait times exceed facility quality thresholds. Once alerted, managers can see current staff activity and assign additional staff to existing work pools, proactively managing wait times back to acceptable levels. Wait times are also recorded, allowing for inclusion in registration quality scorecards.

And because PatientTrack is integrated into our eCare NEXT® platform, wait time can drive account prioritization, allowing patients who have been waiting the longest to be the next called up for registration.

Increase patient satisfaction and reimbursement

As wait times decrease, patient satisfaction scores will rise, which will in turn increase reimbursement under the new Medicare programs. Decreased wait times will also keep staff productive and on schedule, maximizing operational efficiency and clinical staff utilization. So, decreasing wait times both adds revenue and decreases costs--a win/win for any hospital revenue cycle.

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