Imagine an order process with no paper forms, phone calls, call backs or sticky note reminders

Order Manager connects physician offices with hospitals, clinics, labs and other ancillary facilities. The web-based outpatient order management solution sends, receives and integrates electronic orders instantly, facilitating communications and scheduling—and promoting strong and loyal relationships with patients and physicians.

Give physicians autonomy

Order Manager lets physician office staff view patient schedules and manage patient questions and issues in a timely way, without having to call the hospital for details. They value the information access that contributes to their efficiency. With our FaxSmart™ feature, inbound faxes are routed to a central location where users can index the fax into an electronic format. For outbound faxes, completed fax forms will be faxed electronically, providing a status update, and allowing users to follow up in the work queues.

Enhance productivity

Eliminate labor intensive processes—like unnecessary phone calls and paper transactions—through our single, centralized order repository. Because the solution is integrated with our automated eligibility, medical necessity, prior authorization and address verification tools, hands-on involvement is curtailed, saving providers’ time and money.

Boost satisfaction

Strengthen your physician network by providing the convenience of a well-documented order process where no information is lost, all rules are followed and appointments are efficiently scheduled. Enhance patient satisfaction with stress-free, easy engagement and care coordination.

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