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Emerging Credit ScoreSM

Broaden your reach
An estimated 50 million to 80 million consumers have little or no credit history and are unscoreable by most traditional models. Capitalize on missed opportunities by addressing consumers who have thin files or no files with credit reporting agencies.

Expand your marketable population
Experianís Emerging Credit ScoreSM gives you the power to expand your creditworthy universe of applicants and prospects, creating new revenue opportunities and increasing customersí lifetime value.

Get a complete view of a consumerís payment behavior
Identify and score consumers with little or no credit reporting agency history, including thin-file/no-hit populations, emerging consumers and alternative financial service transactors.

Mitigate risk with tightly integrated decisioning
Better predict the performance of customers with limited traditional credit and better manage deposit or fee strategies.

Segment emerging consumers for meaningful prospecting
Leverage more than 25,000 attributes commonly incorporated in the model development process, including:

  • Demographics
  • Internet, catalog and direct-marketing purchases and payments
  • Trades, inquiries and public records
  • Property and asset records
  • Telecommunications and utility data
  • Industry specific and custom scores

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