Manage risk with a clearer view of your customers

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Advance your credit operations with Experian's BusinessIQSM a sophisticated, new Web-based portal that combines our expertise with your best credit practices in one central online location.

Manage risk with the right information on your customers

Establishing quality accounts, reducing risk and improving your bottom line are key to developing your business. Our commercial services utilize state-of-the-art technology and 30 years of experience on both businesses and business owners to give you a more complete view of your small and midsize business customers.

  • Introduction to Experian commercial credit
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    Learn more about the data and systems that drive the reports and scores you pull. Experian® has more than 30 years in the commercial credit industry and one of the world’s largest consumer databases. Learn what sets us apart from our competitors, including our industry-leading technology. For a demonstration, click here.

  • Pulling reports and scores online through BizAppsSM
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    Designed for new users, this Webinar provides step-by-step directions on how to pull reports and scores through Experian’s online BizAppsSM site. The Webinar includes tips on how to enter the right information to improve your ability to receive a match on an inquiry.

  • The Experian Edge
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    With better, more accurate data, you can be confident in your credit decisions — even in today’s risky economic environment.

    Data quality is the core of our business and should be the core of yours. Below are a few key points of Experian’s business information:

    • More than 27 million businesses updated in the last six months
    • 98% of businesses have payment data
    • 95% are small businesses with an average of 19.56 tradelines
    • All data is third-party-sourced for integrity and accuracy
    • First-class client service, including representatives in your area
    • Flexible pricing options, including subscription and pay-as-you-go
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