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Manage Risk and Propel Revenue

Lenders constantly need to balance risk and reward. Without taking on any risk, there is no opportunity for increasing profitability. On the flip side, the lessons of the past few years have taught that unmanaged risk also can lead to bad business. So how do you walk this fine line?

Experian® helps banks get a complete view of credit and operational risk. We can help evaluate credit risk with expert-based decision strategies as you renew existing loans and make new loans. By leveraging superior scoring and credit policies, you can evaluate risk on the front end and then effectively manage customer relationships and minimize risk to your entire portfolio.

Experian can help provide a complete view of risk, whether you are measuring and monitoring the risk of an individual customer or your entire portfolio. We give you the confidence to propel revenue and curtail risk as you improve your customer relationships and enhance the decisions that keep your business profitable.

Tools to Redefine your Risk Management

  • Baker Hill Advisor for Relationship Lending
  • Baker Hill Advisor® for relationship lending allows your institution to address all of your commercial lending needs in one integrated platform. By managing the relationship from prospect to deal structure and credit analysis, your commercial relationship managers will have increased ability to grow client wallet share by meeting your more complex commercial clients’ needs.


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