In today’s heavily legislated world, increased regulatory requirements demand sound development, implementation and use of credit and fraud prevention models and a stronger focus on risk.  Potential for shifts in regulatory, industry, market and business dynamics are demanding  more, agile and flexible technology to minimize business disruptions  and support real-time decisioning, while difficulty balancing compliance risk with revenue can result in lower revenue from missed opportunities and greater risk of fines from being out of compliance.




What do your customers want?

  • Hassle-free sign-up
  • To be recognized when they do business with you
  • Access to the things they are entitled to
  • Transactions without disruption
  • Opportunities to correct errors and recover from honest mistakes




What does your business need to do?

  • Interpret guidelines and regulations to identify and detect inappropriate conditions
  • Determine if an individual is a real person and is who they say they are, and that it is okay to do business with that person
  • Reduce intrusive identity verification
  • Determine the level of compliance risk represented in establishing and maintaining a relationship with the customer
  • Reduce manual review and outbound verifications to reduce operational costs

Case Study - Compliance

The Client

A large regional bank was launching a national bankcard product online.

Business Challenge

A solution to detect application fraud in a digital channel, as well as support Fraud Policy, Red Flags Rule policy and CIP programs. They needed a partner with the ability to create risk-based strategies driven by data, design a process flow and integrate with other vendors; and due to time and resource constraints required support with the identification of best practices regarding process and procedures, documentation and governance.

Our Solution

Experian provided a multi-layered approach that included a number of products and strategies to verify an applicant’s identity, and assess risk and credit worthiness with a complete view of the consumer’s digital persona, resulting in a solution that is far greater than the sum of its parts.


The customer was able to confidently launch an online product that exceeds consumer expectations while reducing fraud risk and ensuring compliance with regulations and policy.

The multi-layered approach provided users with real-time consortium database records to help capture more fraud, reduce false positive rates, and reduce operational costs while providing a frictionless customer experience.

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