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New market opportunities call for new credit strategies.

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Growth Strategies to Grow Your Business

Like most financial institutions, your energy has been spent retaining client relationships. With this defensive posture, generating new business has not been your primary focus. However, now is the time to grow! Expand into new markets, look for new customer segments, and do more with existing customers.

Since there are many types of profitable business relationships, now is the time to be creative in your approach and leverage new market opportunities. You need a full view of your customers, their needs and risks to:

  • Understand total customer value
  • Identify prospects with attributes similar to your best customers
  • Recognize customer needs to build long-term relationships
  • Provide better service and response rates
  • Work efficiently and accurately
  • Remain competitive

Learn from the lessons of the past. Understand and leverage market dynamics to make profitable loans and build a strong portfolio of the best customers. For nearly 30 years, Experian® has helped institutions define their lending and risk-management processes, incorporating products, services and expertise to bring clarity to their business lending practices.

Tools to Redefine your Growth Strategies
  • Baker Hill Advisor for Relationship Lending
  • Baker Hill Advisor® for relationship lending allows your institution to address all of your commercial lending needs in one integrated platform. By managing the relationship from prospect to deal structure and credit analysis, your commercial relationship managers will have increased ability to grow client wallet share by meeting your more complex commercial clients’ needs.


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