Make faster, more accurate lending decisions

The unsecured personal loan market continues to grow. Many organizations want to enter this market, but do not have the right tools or expertise necessary to succeed.

Are you interested in getting started, but don’t know how? Decision EssentialsTM for hosted acquisitions includes everything you need to enter the unsecured personal loan market in a simple, easy-to-integrate package - Including data, scores, attributes and hosted decisioning software.

We go beyond just getting you started — our expert consultants will guide you every step of the way to ensure your strategies are in line with your goals. 


  • Instant decisions: Return a decision in seconds while consumers are engaged
  • Quick integration: Accelerated results via fast, simple integration with numerous calling systems
  • Flexibility: Complements your existing business process and allows you to make real-time credit decisions through multiple channels
  • Adaptability: Highly adaptable, enabling you to react to the market and your competition 
  • Minimize fraud loss: Through real-time identity authentication
  • Expert consulting:  Our consultants help you navigate market entry challenges with exceptional insight and expertly designed deployment strategies


Don’t miss the opportunity to enter this market.  Contact us today and start making better decisions.  

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Decision Essentials for hosted acquisitions product sheet

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