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Strategy ManagementSM
Enhance your Customer Strategy Management Processes

Strategy Management Automates and Improves the Quality and Consistency of Your Decisions Across the Enterprise

Experian® provides decision analytics to help clients maximize profitability and improve performance throughout the entire Customer Life Cycle, from acquisition and portfolio management to collections. We combine data and data intelligence, analytics, software and consulting services to enrich client data and allow organizations to proactively manage customer relationships.

The power behind Enterprise Decisioning Solutions is Strategy ManagementSM, Experian’s leading business rules engine, which provides the flexibility and control to make intelligent, accurate decisions that maximize the value of customer relationships and improve financial performance. Strategy Management supports customer decisioning processes across the enterprise and has the ability to implement and quickly deploy new, more effective strategies.

Strategy Management is a Powerful Business Rules Engine

Experian developed Strategy Management to provide flexibility in defining, storing and implementing business strategies while automating decisions at every stage in the Customer Life Cycle. Strategy Management serves as a platform to bring together analytics and scoring techniques, business rules, Champion/Challenger testing, strategy simulation and optimization, which results in a high-performance decisioning system. Experian also provides consulting and portfolio analysis services to extract the greatest value from the software over time.

Reduce Operational Costs and Generate More Revenue

Strategy Management allows your organization to extract scoring, business rules and decision strategies from legacy system codes and configure them within an easy-to-maintain business rules repository. Internal operating costs are lowered because the components that make the decision are easy to build and revise over time, allowing Information Technology personnel to focus on other technology advancements that provide cost savings and innovation to the organization. The product also allows the business users to react quickly to changes in the market and refocus their energy on new revenue opportunities.

Test and Simulate Customer Strategy Changes Before Implementation

With Strategy Management, you can segment your customer portfolios into discrete subpopulations to define and test different lending strategies or treatments. Features such as strategy testing, strategy simulation and Champion/Challenger testing provide the information necessary to understand the effect of a new strategy on both the decision processing time and the portfolio's health. Decision components such as scorecards and segmentation trees can be tested as they are built and then retested as part of a full decision process flow. This allows users to eliminate any conflicts among the rules and ensure desired results are achieved prior to implementation.

Achieve Strategy Optimization

Successful enterprise decisioning is accomplished through an ongoing effort to improve the accuracy and speed of each customer decision throughout the Customer Life Cycle while simultaneously managing the overall profitability of the business. Strategy Management provides the tools that allow continual testing and tuning of your business rules and decision strategies by utilizing important data and analytics that are critical to delivering increased profits. Optimizing your strategies involves leveraging the power of Strategy Management as a centralized business rules engine capable of providing decisions across your organization’s marketing, risk, collection and/or operations disciplines.

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