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Excellence in what they do; in leading the industry in credit reports. They’re on top of credit fraud and the main issues that concern bankers as to risk management and portfolio risk management.

William Vowler

Director of Credit Administration, Sterling Bank & Trust

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Vision - Sterling Bank & Trust

William Vowler, Director of Credit Administration

Sterling Bank & Trust

Describe Your Role and Responsibilities.

I’m in charge of the credit department; underwriting both the front end and deals that are on the books. I have to manage and have a credit team in Michigan that manages the portfolio, as well as manage new deals out in the San Francisco area.

What are Some of Your Biggest Challenges?

One of the big areas of challenges for our bank is concentration of credit. It’s a big regulator item to. It’s to make sure we’re growing profitably, but not taking on any undue risk. Another area that is huge for us is portfolio risk management.

Which Experian Solutions Have You Implemented?

That’s something that I’m in charge of (porfolio risk management), and that’s why I’ve always used the Baker Hill® (Loan Management Software) products to help me with that. Recently, we added Income InsightSM. And, that is something that I think is very important. We have a product in the San Francisco area where we’re lending to people that have limited credit that have moved from China or from somewhere else that have moved to the San Francisco area and want to get their new house. Income Insight is a very good predictor of what kind of income a typical person of that area that they’re moving into would possibly make. And, so, we’ve been able to enhance our underwriting on that just by this one product that we’ve recently established.

Why Did You Choose to Work With Experian?

The partnership has always been fantastic. I started way back in 1998. Mark Billani was my sales rep and just a great guy, and Pete Harrington and the whole Baker Hill crew back then. It’s more than just a company; it’s a friendship you build with them.  Largely from these kinds of sessions (Vision), or from training down in Carmel, Indiana. The partnership has just been fantastic, because anytime there’s been a change, anytime I need anything; they’ve been very flexible with scheduling for me. They either come up to Michigan or for me to come down – it couldn’t be better. It really could not be better. That’s why I stick with them all the time. It’s more than just a comfort. We at one point in time were going to change, and I said no – my comfort lies with the Baker Hill Team and the Experian® team.

Consistency is one of the main things that define Experian.  I know what I’m getting with the product. The data that comes out is always consistent. To apply the application, I could create my own reports and things that are useful for me. And, they’re consistent in their look and format and how you gather the data. That’s been huge. That’s one thing that’s always been appreciated. And, excellence. Excellence in what they do; in leading the industry in credit reports. They’re on top of credit fraud and the main issues that concern bankers as to risk management and portfolio risk management. I have to know what’s going on with my portfolio. And any avenues that I can do to get help from others to say here’s some red flags to look at, here’s some ideas to look at. And, that’s part of the whole portfolio management. And, that’s probably part of the biggest industry concern that I have as a credit manager, understanding the risk in my portfolio.

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