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We’re looking at Experian, not just as an application provider, but we really do view them as a partner into where we’re going and how can we best make the process work and keep up with the challenging environment, specifically in a business banking environment segment.

Tracy Hixson

Vice President, Fifth Third Bank


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Tracy Hixson, Vice President

Fifth Third Bank

Describe Your Role and Responsibilities.

My role with Fifth Third Bank is to manage the portfolio that sits within the business banking segment. Currently, we’re at zero to a million dollars, and what we consider small business banking. We have a larger segment that goes up to five million (dollars), but the majority of those credits are within a million dollars. My job is the portfolio management of those, as well as the process of the origination systems. So we are doing a lot of process mapping and process improvement as well.

What are Some of Your Biggest Challenges?

One of our biggest challenges at Fifth Third Bank is really to define what business banking is today. Every bank is going through the segmentation and really trying to get customer intimate in that segment. And, we’re really trying to figure that out as well. Where do we want to draw the line? How do we want to be an advisor for those customers within that business banking segment.

Which Experian Solutions Have You Implemented?

Currently, we use Experian® products on both the origination and the portfolio management side. Within our small business learning center we use the Baker Hill Origination® (Loan Origination Software) Bank2Business® software for up to a million dollars. We just actually expanded it to a million dollars in January of this year (2012). And then on the portfolio management side, we utilize Baker Hill Advisor® (Loan Portfolio Management) Portfolio Risk Advisor® for up to $500,000 in aggregate exposure. And, our sales force uses the AppLink product for our application end of the origination system.

We’ve had great results; specifically with the origination products we have some great analytics and some great feedback from our customers that the sales force out there calling on them, which has actually allowed us to increase the scope of that origination up to a million dollars. We were able to use that platform to expand our process and continue to offer a simplified small business origination channel for our partners in the field.

Why Did You Choose to Work With Experian?

Our partnership with Experian actually goes back seven years now to when we first purchased the origination platform through Baker Hill®. And we’ve continued to grow with that. Not only adding products sets, but really getting to more of consultative advisor. We’re looking at Experian not just as an application provider, but we really do view them as a partner into where we’re going and how can we best make the process work and keep up with the challenging environment specifically in a business banking environment segment.

I would say what defines Experian to me is trustworthy and innovative, we definitely get a lot of lift from the communications that we get and the advantages that they have in the marketplace. And, they’re very responsive. They give very good feedback when I have questions or when I have issues. It’s nice to know that they don’t go unanswered.  I can always get someone to return my calls or my emails to give me that information that I need. And, if they can’t answer my question, at least they’re responding back saying they’re looking into it saying that it’s valued that I reached out.


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