Special Interest Groups

Any User Community member is welcome to start a special interest group. If the SIG is to be associated with the User Community, it must conform to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. SIGs meet at the convenience of the participants. Each SIG must have a designated Chair who will serve in this capacity for one year, from one annual meeting to the next, at which time the membership of the SIG will discern a Chairperson for the following year.

User Community Boards

Board Members & Contact Info

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User Community

Serving clients is at the core of our business. As daily users, clients play a crucial role in the development and enhancement of Baker Hill solutions. To give users the greatest possible support and to facilitate the exchange of information, Baker Hill encourages the development of active local, regional, and national User Communities. Input from the user community is of paramount importance in helping us continue to build state of the art solutions that are both feature- rich and cost- effective.

Mission Statement

User Communities are client-led forums designed to facilitate the sharing of technology information and promotion of new ideas among members. As a whole, the User Community has a voice in the direction of Baker Hill product development, support, services and training. 

Why Join A User Community

The Origination, Advisor and Relationship Lending Suite User Communities are professional, yet informal, forums for the exchange of experiences and the promotion of ideas with peers. The groups help promote uniform and focused input to Baker Hill on the Origination, Advisor, and Relationship Lending Suite products and services. Members, both new and expert, share their interests, knowledge, and skills with the products and share unique applications used in individual environments. One of the primary goals of the User Communities is to help each other.

As a User Community member, you will:

  • Learn about new product releases early
  • Receive informal training and product promotions
  • Have access to a User Community discussion forum and an updated list of User Community members on the Baker Hill website
  • Receive monthly e-FAQs
  • Have the ability to contribute input into annual conference planning

User Community Forum

User Community members are encouraged to use this forum to share thoughts, ideas and best practices related to Baker Hill products and services.

Baker Hill product management team serves as the forum moderator. Topics submitted for consideration are reviewed by Baker Hill before being published. If a topic is deemed inappropriate for the forum, Baker Hill will notify the user and will not publish the topic. All topics submitted to the forum will be published as quickly as possible. However, Baker Hill reserves the right to publish topics within one business day. When appropriate, Baker Hill will respond to topics if we believe our value-add will positively impact the discussion.

You must first have access to Online Resources before you can register for the User Community Discussion Forum. Please create a support ticket or contact our support center via phone to register.

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