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Transact SMSM
Application Processing System

Making the Right Offer for Each Customer

The global application processing and decisioning system, Transact SMSM, is the heart of Experian’s offerings for customer acquisition and origination. This scalable and robust technology receives, validates and processes applications from multiple channels and enriches application data from relevant internal and external data sources. It automates the application of complex business strategies and rules to consistently make appropriate lending decisions across the organization.

Competitive Advantage

Using sophisticated segmentation and scoring techniques, Transact SM provides the ability to accurately assess and make a decision on an applicant, identifying the optimal offering with a tailored package to suit both the applicant’s needs and the business’s objectives. The new business strategies are controlled by business users on the desktop and then deployed across the organization, giving complete control to define, test and manage business strategies without the need for programming resources.

Transact SM provides an entire applicant-to-customer system, placing operational and strategic control in the user's hands and giving the assurance that the origination strategy and process will be consistently applied across the business.


Multichannel Data Capture and Validation

Transact SM guides users through the data capture process. This process ensures that only the required data is captured using validation and visibility rules. In addition, intelligent business processing logic displays or hides the screens and orchestrates the task automation. The underlying processing logic is invisible to the user yet remains completely in the business's control.

Screens are customized to mirror application forms for efficient and accurate data capture and can be deployed through a network, intranet or the Internet for a true “design once, run anywhere” functionality. In addition to using Transact SM screens, application data can be captured through other channels, including existing front-end systems.

Data Enrichment

Both internal and external data add depth to the applicant profile, allowing customers to be verified and checked for indebtedness and potential fraud. Transact SM easily interfaces with multiple external data sources subject to the enrichment strategy, including links to more than 80 credit bureaus worldwide, with support for data aggregation and standardization to further enhance opportunities for full automation. Other data sources are easily integrated, including existing customer systems and internal fraud files with all information manually accessible at any stage in the process.

Scoring, Decision Making and Simulation

With Transact SM, the business user creates and controls the decisioning and underwriting strategies that enable the organization to make the right decision and take on the right applicants with the right terms. On the desktop, the elements of the decision-making process are clearly illustrated with graphical business-objective flows.

At every stage of the process, applicants can be segmented into different profiles in order to apply relevant strategies, decisions and terms. After applicants are segmented, distinct scorecards and policy rules are created and applied to each population profile. Using all the information, a decision is made as to which applicants to accept, refer and decline, tailoring the terms of business offered to the accepted applicants according to their profiles. On the desktop, the business user has complete control to create, maintain and improve strategies. Through simulation in the analytical environment and Champion/Challenger facilities, strategies can be evaluated and evolved for maximum performance.

Manage Effective Underwriting

According to your policies, specific applications can be routed to an underwriter for the final decisions. For rapid decision making, all data, including credit bureau information and scoring results, is presented to the underwriter.

Operational Management and Integration

Transact SM seamlessly integrates into the operational business environment, improving operational efficiency and driving the application process by automating manual processes through task orchestration and workflow management procedures.

  • Real-time and scheduled tasks are automatically activated, such as the passing of information to an account management system or the creation of letters for declined applicants
  • The open architecture enables the extraction of data for day-to-day operational management control and integrates with strategic management reporting for longer-term business improvement
  • The application fraud system interfaces with the application process, taking cases for fraud checking and manual investigation before the results are passed back to the operational system
  • Other workflow management techniques such as priority aging are available as well

Technical delivery and integration expertise supports all business models, from Experian-hosted services through complete software deliveries.


Experian consultants work closely with organizations to determine the most cost-effective deployment. For many clients, the system is integrated within their own infrastructure. Alternatively, as part of the flexible approach to delivery, a hosted Application Service Provider system is available. The operating environment typically comprises an online connection via a server and is distributed to workstations, with the functionality of offline processing and client access through an intranet or the Internet.

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