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"With the VantageScore model, credit unions receive a highly predictive credit scoring model that scores a broader population and provides more consistent scores across all three credit reporting companies. This is a value proposition which resonates with credit unions as they seek to better serve their members."
Barrett Burns, President and CEO of VantageScore Solutions.

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Reduce Risk and Grow Your Portfolio

At Experian, we understand switching to a new score can be challenging.  TrueInsight for VantageScore is a complete scoring, consulting and reporting package created specifically to guide you through every step of the transition to VantageScore. In addition to helping you implement risk score strategies on new applicants, TrueInsight promotes portfolio growth by ensuring the greatest acceptance rate of new members while managing for your specific risk tolerances.   

TrueInsight is designed to assist you with everything from setting score cutoffs that are appropriate for your lending environment to monitoring your portfolio’s performance each month.  

The TrueInsight for VantageScore package includes:

  • An initial analysis by an Experian consultant to help you confidently set appropriate score cutoff strategies based on a score distribution report, a performance analysis or a score validation
  • Ongoing performance reports to help you assess score performance on your population and make any necessary adjustments
  • Up to 100,000 online VantageScore credit scores annually
  • A quarterly written summary with expert recommendations

Once you begin using VantageScore, your Experian consultant will deliver monthly or quarterly reports of your new applicant population, revealing the effectiveness and stability of your cutoff scores. The consultant will review the reports with you, offering expert recommendations for strategy adjustments when necessary. Regular monitoring of your portfolio is crucial to uncovering both income opportunities and potential problems and will allow you to:

  • Detect trends in population shifts over time
  • Monitor the effectiveness of override reasons and policy rules
  • Make informed, targeted, and strategic decisions
  • Comply with Equal Credit Opportunity Act requirements by providing population assessments and stability measurements 

Harness the predictive power of a superior score
VantageScore utilizes advanced analytics to provide the industry's most predictive and accurate scoring model, allowing you to:

  • Reduce risk while approving more loans
  • Score more "thin file" consumers than traditional risk models
  • Achieve greater consistency in decisioning
  • Ongoing consultations with your Experian consultant



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