The early-bird discounted fee of $1,195 will be available to all attendees through April 1.

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Preconference Workshops

Make the most of your Vision 2011 Conference experience. Arrive early and attend one of the preconference workshops on Sunday, May 1. The fee is $200.00 for each session and includes the course material, Sunday breakfast and lunch.

Sunday, May 1
8 a.m.–2 p.m.
Scoring and Modeling 101 — a best-practices approach to using analytics to minimize risk and improve performance across the Customer Life Cycle

Unlock the true power of your consumer and commercial data by learning how to use scores, models and attributes to assess the potential risk and reward of your decisions. From prospecting and acquiring new customers to managing fraud and portfolio risk, you’ll be introduced to proven scoring and modeling techniques guaranteed to drive profitable growth. Scoring and Modeling 101 will:

  • Introduce scoring theory and model types, including custom, generic and bureau models
  • Explain the differences between new applicant and behavioral scoring
  • Walk through the process of model design and development
  • Show how effective monitoring ensures stability of scoring models over time
  • Discuss scoring and modeling industry trends and best practices
  • Demonstrate the practical application of both fraud and risk analytics through relevant case studies

You’ll leave the workshop armed with the knowledge needed to get more out of your data and make intelligent decisions destined to improve your organization’s performance.

Who should attend?
This session is ideal for individuals new to the scoring and modeling world; for those who are moving into a new role that includes model development, setting of model criteria or policy; or for individuals responsible for scorecard monitoring. This session also can be valuable to those who have limited experience in the scoring world and would like to refine and retune their general understanding of scoring methodologies and best practices from industry experts.

Sunday, May 1
1 p.m.–5 p.m.
Second annual SimDemoSM business simulation game

You’ll enter a “safe” environment to test out your most aggressive risk management strategies in the SimDemoSM workshop. SimDemo provides a hands-on, educational experience where small teams compete to maximize the profitability of a fictitious personal loan portfolio. Teams will use performance reports and the latest version of Experian’s decisioning software to assess, modify and test changes to credit policies as they attempt to outperform and maneuver around competing teams.

Previous knowledge of or experience with our software isn’t required. We’ll provide an experienced “driver” to manage your strategy. Simply bring your risk management prowess, ability to think on your feet and desire to win. This workshop is sure to challenge and excite even the most sophisticated risk manager! The winning team will be recognized at the conclusion of the Vision 2011 Conference.

Sign up early. You’ll receive materials before the conference so you can get a head start on the competition.

Who should attend?
Business analysts and portfolio and risk managers

Sunday, May 1
2 p.m.–5 p.m.
Baker Hill Advisor User Group

Sunday, May 1
2 p.m.–5 p.m.
Baker Hill Origination User Group
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