Fraudulent letters and emails claiming to be from Experian

Experian discontinues myFICO agreement

Company falsely claiming to be Experian

Web site forgeries steal personal information

Beware of 'web site phishing' - web site forgeries steal personal information.
Criminals across the Internet are creating forgeries of legitimate emails and Web sites and then attempting to steal your personal information with them. Offenders use this tactic, known as "phishing", to rob individuals of credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and other sensitive information, often to establish a new line of credit.

Major corporations across the world, including Experian, are fighting these attacks to protect you and your personal information. Because Experian's business is based on accurate and secure data we fully understand the threat these criminals present.

How to protect yourself

  1. If you receive a suspicious looking, unsolicited email claiming to be from Experian, do not reply to it and do not click on any of the links contained in the email. If you suspect a message may not be authentic, call the company or log onto the Web site by typing the Web address directly into your web browser’s address bar. Links in emails can be faked, so typing the address directly into your browser will ensure you get to the right site.
  2. If you are unsure of a Web address, use a search engine such as Yahoo! or Google to verify it. Remember, you can always reach Experian by going directly to the Experian site at Please keep in mind that you will never be asked to enter personal information on a page that is not hosted by Experian or its consumer Web sites, or
  3. Always look for the secure site symbol, usually a lock, in the lower right hand corner of your browser when submitting your personal information. All Experian order forms will have the secure site symbol displayed.
  4. Experian does not need your PIN number from your bank. We do not collect this information and would not use it to verify your identity.

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