Fraudulent letters and emails claiming to be from Experian

Experian discontinues myFICO agreement

Company falsely claiming to be Experian

Web site forgeries steal personal information

Company falsely claiming to be Experian
A company claiming to be a partner with Experian is calling consumers with offers to "lower your interest rates" on your existing credit card accounts.

Please be aware that Experian is not associated with this company, is not in the credit card business and does not provide your account numbers to unauthorized companies.

If you have given this company your personal information please click on the following link for information on how you can place a fraud alert on your credit file

Experian regrets that you have been targeted by this company.

Businesses that suffer security breaches often partner with Experian to offer credit monitoring as a service to their customers. Suggestions for verifying that the notices and contact information for Experian is legitimate are provided in the July 9, 2008 Ask Experian.