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"Not only were we getting more hits, but the percentage of the hits being the correct phone numbers was significantly greater."

Steve Kusic, CEO
National Recovery Agency


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Locating and maintaining current address and telephone numbers on your accounts is critical to the success of your collections and account management efforts.


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Steve Kusic, CEO, National Recovery Agency

One of the things that I’m primarily responsible for above the overall organization is setting our collection philosophy as well as taking that collection philosophy and explaining it to our clients, explaining how we’re going to recover money for them.

How Long Have You Been Working With Experian?

I’ve been with Experian now for six years. The relationship started with Rob Spagnuolo (you’ve got to give credit to your sales rep). The reason we left our data vendor -- they were having problems with not being able to provide us with good phone numbers. We were getting the phone number that the debtor had four years ago. We weren’t getting the number that the debtor had today. We were spending a lot of time calling these accounts, and that’s after we paid a lot of money for them. When we switched to utilizing your MetroNetSM product, we were looking for a huge lift because we were calling the right people. We found that to be true. Not only were we getting more hits, but the percentage of the hits being the correct phone numbers was significantly greater.

Why Do You Choose Experian Over The Competition?

One competitor of yours that we were getting phone numbers from was a noncredit provider. We didn’t want to go to another noncredit provider to do our Champion/Challenger program and test the data. We wanted to go to a credit-based granter. Experian, we felt, had the best fit for our organization as far as overall products and services. That’s how we chose. We really didn’t want to look at other noncredit data brokers. Experian had both and they only had one. That’s why we feel that we have the lift that we have.

What Are Some of Your Biggest Challenges?

The biggest internal challenge that we’re having is that we’re doing a computer conversion right now so we can bring in different products that you offer and utilize them properly. Our vendors that we were utilizing weren’t always able to take your data and manipulate, store and show it to everyone in a usable format. In undergoing the conversion, we’re not just doing it for you; we’re doing it for everyone else in order that we can really own the data, drive the results that we’re looking for and maximize our return.

From an external perspective, one of the problems we’re having is everybody in the industry is going through FOTI messages, answering machines. Another one is TCPA. Where is that going to go? How do we look at email, text messaging? The problem is that there are new technologies coming out and we need some reforms within the law. We don’t need new laws. We just need the laws to be brought up to date so we’re all on the same page, so we’re all acting the same way, so we can have results instead of being in a gray area. We don’t know if something is legal or not because it’s a new technology.

Describe Your Experience Participating in our Collections Council.

The enjoyable thing about the council is that you bring in a lot of industry experts. I actually get to hear how they’re utilizing your data. For example, I’m focused on cost, on utilizing your data so I’m not spending so much money per account. These guys are using your data so they can maximize the value of the account. What I’d like to know is, what are they looking at so that I can have the best cost management program, but also have the highest liquidation, bringing in the money for our clients and driving profitability? So it’s always interesting talking to the experts about how they’re utilizing your products because everyone utilizes them just a little bit differently. Within different industries they’re utilizing them differently. Can I extrapolate the information and utilize it in our area in order to drive the results that we’re looking for?

Have You Developed Any New Products Based on What You’ve Learned From our Collections Council? 

Right now we have a specialized program that we created for handling aged debt. It verifies addresses so we can work on mailing campaigns. It saves us a lot of money and allows us to chase bad debt that other agencies may pass up.

One of the other things we’re looking at now that we have an SQL based system is deciding what can we do with the data now that we have it? How can we maximize the value of our own internal data against your data and to see where we can get the highest improvements and profitability?

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