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Converting Information to Intelligence - Current Trends in Mitigating Small-business Risk Through Analytics

As former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca put it, “Even a correct decision is wrong when taken too late.” Portfolio managers who oversee small-business risks know this well. They realize it when they make a decision about approving or rejecting a loan request and recognize later the correct decision would have been clearer if they could have weighed additional data and used improved analytics.  Today, fortunately, when they face growing pressure to bolster profits but with a leaner budget and staff, small- business portfolio managers can tap novel data sources and more sophisticated analytical techniques. With this potent combination, they can gain more insights into their small-business operations and unlock more opportunities.  Those able to harness this new-found magic will win competitively and also satisfy skeptical regulators. This white paper presents some of these latest trends affecting the small-business lending landscape. Specifically, it illuminates how companies are using the new robust data sources and analytic tools – from consortium data to rapid model customization – to maximize their interactions with small-business clients with greater accuracy. 

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