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"One of the things we get is the networking. Our account rep is excellent not only at recommending products and solutions by Experian, but making sure we’re networking with people already using those products. He’s always there following up, bringing in experts when necessary."

John Garrison, Vice President
First Commonwealth Financial Corporation

Baker Hill Portfolio Risk Advisor

Mitigate risk, identify cross-sell opportunities, more effectively manage the renewal/extension process and streamline your portfolio management process.

Baker Hill Statement Analyzer

Gain the flexibility to spread and analyze financial statements from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Baker Hill Exception Advisor

Baker Hill Exception Advisor supports exception management and compliance by providing a flexible framework to securely monitor document, policy, compliance and exception management across lines of business.

Baker Hill Bank2Business

Dynamically manage all of your business credit requests faster and with more consistency.

Unified Reporting and Open Communication Between Business Units

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First Commonwealth Financial Corporation

John Garrison, Vice President, First Commonwealth Financial Corporation

I run loan operations for the organization. This year, we saw the advent of PRA, so it’s the integration of PRA (Portfolio Risk Advisor) and eventually SA (Statement Analyzer) into the Exception Advisor platform. We were seeing a lot of new data, which was a good thing, but learning how to share the tracking items as well as deal with some of the regulatory changes and new reports that were being asked for by some of the upper echelons of the bank.

Core Solutions

In my area, we primarily use exception advisor, however the bank itself uses Bank2Business. We use Statement Analyzer and Portfolio Risk Advisor as well.

Experian Consultative Approach

Partnering with Experian is great. It’s always been a good and interesting experience. One of the things we get is the networking. We can go to our account rep, Jeff, who is excellent not only at recommending products and solutions by Experian, but making sure we’re networking with people already using those products. So it’s not just a cold hand-off, it’s a warm hand-off -- here are some people using it that can evaluate it with you, show you what they’re doing with it, see how they’ve used it. And he’s always there following up, bringing in experts when necessary. We’ve added a couple of products this past year, Portfolio Risk Advisor and Statement Analyzer. Jeff was with us as well as the team from Experian itself that supports product development. All of that was there for us. So it’s been great.

The Results

We started with the Baker Hill suite known as One Point. Moving to Exception Advisor, from just that one move itself, we gained so much report functionality and the ability to use more automated work queues, which really helped us. Within a month of implementing we were able to eliminate a whole person through attrition. But then with the advent of Portfolio Risk Advisor and Statement Analyzer, coming into Exception Advisor, with the unified reporting there’s more open communication between business banking, underwriting and ourselves. On the other side, my group also does the commercial and documentation with Bank to Business. Now that we can access that information and see it in the booking queue, we can begin the documentation process and flow it through to Exception Advisor in our upload area. It’s almost like a straight-through process for us that we gain with that suite of products and the integration.

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