Introducing Experian's Suite of Income and Asset Solutions

Experian’s Income and Asset Solutions can help you gain greater insight into your customer’s complete financial picture and overall repayment ability leading to more profitable decisions.

Real-time Income and Asset Verification

Verify income and assets in minutes rather than days or weeks by leveraging industry-leading data aggregation technology. With real-time data collection across multiple financial accounts, Experian’s Digital Verification Solutions offer streamlined verification with direct access to customers’ income and asset information.

IRS Income and Asset Verification

Quickly and easily verify a taxpayer’s income and assets, and compare customer provided information with income tax data reported by the IRS. Our Income ViewSM web-based income verification system allows you to streamline your 4506-T processing and gain prompt access to a customer’s verified income.

Income Estimation

With Experian’s Income InsightSM models you can instantly access an estimation of a customer's income to easily integrate into your decisioning to gain a more holistic view — whether you’re trying to target the right customer, design the best offer or mitigate fraud and losses.

Debt Obligations

Determine the debt-to-income ratios of customers and make better lending and risk management decisions. Experian’s Debt-to-Income InsightSM provides an all-in-one assessment of creditworthiness to improve your ability to identify which customers are at or exceeding their credit capacity.