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View and Securely Share Your Credit Report and Score

Is Someone Asking for Your Credit Report & Score?

Experian Connect will allow you to purchase and view your credit report and score for $14.95 and then securely share it with people authorized by you for no additional charge. Instead of faxing, mailing or emailing your private information, you will be able to securely share your credit report and score online, directly from the credit bureau, with your connections. Your credit report will not include your social security number, birthdate, or account numbers, making it safer to share.

Perhaps you need to send your credit information to your financial planner, a prospective landlord, or need to be approved for financing -- you will be able to securely share your credit report and score with more than one person for up to 30 days from the date of purchase of your report and score.

View and Securely Share Your Credit Report and Score

Securely Share Credit InformationView and Securely Share Your Credit Report and Score

Once you create your account and you have completed authentication, you can:

  • Start inviting the people you know and trust as connections
  • Purchase and view your credit information 
  • Securely share your credit report and score with your connections, after they complete authentication, for 30 days from the date of purchase

You will be able to securely share your credit report and score with your connections quickly. This may eliminate manual paperwork and save you time – you may be able to make decisions faster. 

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Experian Connect – Questions and Answers

What does it mean to create a “Connection” on Experian Connect?

In order to interact with someone else through this service, you first must go through a three-step invitation process. This invitation process allows both parties to confirm they know and trust each other before sharing important information, such as a credit report. Successfully completing the invitation process creates a link between the two accounts, and each party is now a “Connection” to the other.

If I create a Connection with someone, does that mean the other person can see my credit information?

No. Creating a Connection does not mean that you are showing your credit information. There’s an extra step to show your connection your credit report and score. 

What happens when I send an invitation to connect?

When you send an invitation to connect to someone, an email is sent from Experian Connect to the name and email address you provided to us. If you also added a custom message, we will include that in the email as well as your Connections page. It’s important to remember that you only should invite people who you know and trust. Before someone can accept your invitation, they will need to either sign in to their existing account or create a new account and verify their identity. 

Will purchasing my credit report and/or showing my credit report to my Connections hurt my credit score?

No. When you order or show your credit report and score to your Connections it does not affect your score because it is what we call a “soft inquiry.” Soft inquiries do not impact your credit score and do not appear on any credit reports viewed by other people.

How long can the Connection view my credit information after I have given them permission?

When you show your report to your Connection, they are allowed to access and view your credit report and score for as long as the days remaining since your last purchase. For example, if you purchased your credit report and score 10 days ago, then you will have 20 days remaining to view your own report. If you show your report to your Connection today, then your Connection will be able to view the report only for the next 20 days as well.

Can I stop showing my report to a Connection?

Yes, you can stop showing your report to a Connection at any time. If you want to stop showing your report, simply click on “stop sharing,” and that Connection will no longer be able to see your credit report and score.

Experian Credit Report and Score

What is a credit report?

A credit report is a snapshot of your tenant's experience with credit-related accounts. Aside from some basic personal information, like their name and address to help identify their report, there are three main types of information on their credit report:

  • Public Records: Court-related information, including bankruptcies, state and county court records, tax liens, monetary judgments and, in some states, overdue child support payments. 
  • Credit Inquiries: Names of businesses or individuals that have obtained a copy of your credit report, including lenders, landlords, and employers.
  • Accounts: Payment history on all your Real Estate, Installment, and Revolving Credit Accounts.

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a number based on the information in your tenant's credit report. It is similar to a grade you would have received in school, but instead of right and wrong answers, their credit score is based on positive and negative credit history. Paying bills on time and using credit responsibly builds a positive history while paying bills late and being irresponsible with credit builds a negative history.

There are many different ways to calculate a credit score. Experian Connect uses the VantageScore® calculation with the Experian credit report. VantageScore was developed by the three national credit reporting companies — Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Unlike other scoring systems, it is the most consistent score using only one model with one set of scoring calculations, resulting in scores that are more uniform and consistent.

How is the score determined?

Developers of credit scoring models review a selection of consumers — often more than one million. The historical credit profiles of these consumers are examined to identify common variables. The developers then build statistical models by selecting the credit variables most predictive of future behavior and assigning appropriate weights to each variable.

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