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Experian's Behavior Scoring Model Improves ROI

Listen to a debt recovery expert discuss how he's benefited from Experian's Behavior Scoring Model. 




Dave Hillery
National Grid
My name is Dave Hillery and I’m a manager of the credit and collections department at National Grid. To say credit and collections is a challenge is an understatement.

Today's Debt Recovery Innovations | Behavorial Scoring | Account Initiation

Our job is to help those who can’t pay but want to. That’s where we come in with the help of Experian. We’ve partnered with Experian for a number of years, probably six or seven years now, for a number of different products.

Debt Recovery for Telecommunications, Energy and Cable

Every customer is different. We have 8 million customers, so we have a large number of customers in arrears, very large. It's shocking sometimes.

The Behavior Scoring Model allowes us to treat individual consumers individually.

The Experian model scores those customers using our own data, that's all we can use. With the help of the Experian analytics group,  we were able to develop strategies on how:

  • When do they get those first phone calls?
  • Do we delay those disconnect notices or some of the mailings?

All is to better treat the customer. Sometimes the customer could have fallen on hard luck or changing jobs and couldn't pay, and they've had a very good record of payment. It allows us to treat customers differently, which, from an operational standpoint reduces our expense.

There's no doubt, senior management realizes the impact. That staple, the combination of Account Initiation and Behavioral Scoring, isn't challenged. They realize the benefit from it. They're embedded in our everyday use from a collections standpoint.

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