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Dave Griffing
FirstEnergy Solutions
I'm Dave Griffing, I'm the Executive Director of Marketing for FirstEnergy Solutions.

Ted Bauman
SouthStar Energy Services
My name is Ted Bauman, I work for SouthStar Energy Serivces, which is a natural gas marketer.

Dave Griffing
We are a competitive electric supplier that supplies the generation portion of a customer's bill.

Ted Bauman
My main responsibility is Director of Risk Management.

Dave Griffing
The challenges that we’ve been facing recently are the competitive—the unregulated market is a very competitive business. Our path to success thus far had primarily been direct mail and it was just kind of a shotgun approach.

Turn Insight into Action with Targeted Acquisitions

Ted Bauman
We used a project called  Market Expansion Study.

Dave Griffing
What we engaged Experian with was - using the data that Experian has, we were able to very specifically target customers and transition our business from a direct mail only marketing business to more of a digitally targeted business.

Gain New Customers | Mitigate Risk | See Results

Dave Griffing
We were able to lower our cost of acquisition by about a factor of three while still maintaining the take rates that we had previously.

Ted Bauman
Experian has helped us tremendously by using the TEC score. Our bad debt is about 1.3 percent. Industry wide I think it’s closer to 2 percent, so right now, just using Experian’s TEC score, we’re coming in .7 to a percent less than that.

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Dave Griffing
In addition to the basic products that we have been using Experian for, the beauty is [that] we really expanded our relationship. We had always engaged Experian in our traditional list management services, [such as] data appends and those kinds of things. But we soon realized, through the partnership, that there were marketing attributes we could glean from that data, and so we said, “why don’t we turn that data into something that we can actually more proactively use in our marketing efforts?”

Ted Bauman
I really enjoy working with Experian and I’m hoping to continue to work with them going forward.

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