Secure and Authenticate

Stop fraud before losses occur. Experian® continually invests in new data sources and technological innovations in order to provide clients with the most advanced fraud management tools and data breach protection . Reduce credit risk through screening and identity resolution and be alerted to suspicious financial transactions that could indicate money laundering.

Detect / Reduce Identity Fraud

Prevent losses due to identity fraud by identifying inconsistent information during the application process:

  • Fraud ShieldSM – Check credit application information against credit report data, Social Security number and more…
  • National Fraud DatabaseSM – Access the world's largest repository of verified identity fraud records
  • Precise IDSM – The most complete and accurate view of a consumer's identity
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Improve Operational Efficiencies

Identify transactional fraud at the point of purchase:

Satisfy Compliance Requirements

Prevent, detect and mitigate identity theft with:

Prevent Money Laundering

Detect and monitor suspicious activity and report it using federally approved methods.

  • AFACS//web – Automate OFAC compliance with a Web-based search engine
  • ASSIST//ck – Automated account profiling and transaction trends monitoring
  • ASSIST//score – Qualify, quantify and rank suspicious activity
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Manage Data Breach

Our comprehensive data breach resolution support can help you turn calamity back into calm in the event of a data breach with:

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