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Small Business Credit Index

Small-business credit conditions backpedal to start 2014

Credit balances receded slightly from the end of 2013, and the delinquency rate ticked higher to 9.8 percent from 9.6 percent. Also contributing to the loss in the Experian/Moody’s Analytics Small Business Credit Index was a deceleration in employment gains as well as what appears to be softer GDP growth in the first quarter. Also, retail sales growth decelerated sharply to just 0.3 percent annualized in the first quarter from 2.9 percent in the final quarter of 2013. However, incoming data increasingly support the notion that the slowdown was weather-related and, thus, temporary.

Special Reports

The real estate industry got off to a slow start during the first three months of the year. Activity was down overall due to a combination of rising mortgage rates and particularly bad weather in most parts of the country. This special report offers insights on business credit trends in the real estate industry, including a breakdown on business risk scores, delinquency rates, bankruptcy rates and days beyond terms by region.

Construction was heavily impacted during the first three months of the year as bad weather put a damper on construction projects in cities east of the Rockies. This special report offers business credit perspectives on the construction industry, including a breakdown of regional business risk scores, delinquency rates, bankruptcy rates and days beyond terms in addition to an industry outlook.

Coming Soon

The largest segment of the manufacturing industry, automotive, stalled briefly in the opening months of the year as harsh winter weather kept auto buyers out of showrooms. But an increase in February sales confirmed this would be a temporary setback. This special report offers a business credit overview on the U.S. manufacturing industry for Q1 2014.


Q1 2014 Quarterly Business Credit Review Webinar

Watch the Q1 2014 Quarterly Business Credit Review webinar where Experian’s Senior Business Consultant, Joel Pruis and Economists from Moody’s Analytics offer key insights into the current economic landscape and answer questions that will help you make better business decisions.

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