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Small Business Credit Index

The Experian/Moody’s Analytics Small Business Credit Index (SBCI) added 1.5 points to reach 116.7 from a revised 115.2 in the third quarter (previously 114.8). The index measures credit conditions for firms with fewer than 100 workers, and last quarter’s move puts it at an all-time high. This is the third consecutive quarterly gain for the index amid swiftly improving small-business credit conditions.

Credit balances and the number of trades each expanded in the fourth quarter, contributing to the rise in the SBCI. This was accompanied by a decline in the delinquency rate to a cyclical low of 8.5 percent. Additionally, job growth continued at a brisk clip last quarter, further supporting the top-line index value.


Q4 2014 Quarterly Business Credit Review Webinar — Experian and Moody’s Analytics team up to review key findings from the latest Experian/Moody’s Small Business Credit Index report for Q4 2014. During Q4 small businesses increased their hiring, managed expanded credit balances while reducing delinquency rates and the U.S. economy turned the page from recovery to a full-fledged expansion. Learn what effect falling energy prices may have on small business heading into 2015.

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