Marketing Analytics

Discover a universe of untapped businesses

Having deep insight into customer and prospect behaviors, characteristics and spending patterns is a great way to pursue new business.

Are you looking for ways to improve marketing effectiveness and boost return on investment? Experian Marketing Analytics offers the ability to fine-tune targeting strategies and seek model customers using the industry’s leading commercial database. Your marketing campaigns will have deeper insights, and your tactics, channels and strategies will yield maximum returns. We combine your data with our data to open a world of possibilities:

  • Receive in-depth profiles of current customers — Combine Experian’s business marketing and credit data with your internal customer data to identify your customers’ key characteristics, across your portfolio.
  • Better understand your business customers — Build propensity-to-buy models using firmographic and trade credit attributes, fully customized based on your current customers and prior marketing campaigns.
  • Reach look-alike customers — Apply customer profiles and propensity model criteria to Experian’s U.S. Business Database to reach more potential customers.
  • Locate prospects — Identify your target prospects geographically via heat maps and provide details on the top locations for new customers.
  • Improve upsell and cross-sell results — Strengthen targeting and marketing strategies within your customer portfolio and identify and focus on those key accounts to ensure existing customers purchase all appropriate products.

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Business Email Services

Profit from the industry’s most thorough and accurate business email database.

Our products

Commercial Credit Application


A complete business credit and risk management application


Premier Profile

The most robust of all Experian business credit reports

Small Business Credit Share Report

Unparalleled insight into small businesses — for Small Business Credit Share consortium members

International Reports and Resources

Do business internationally with tools that support customer acquisition and portfolio management

Business Owner Background Reports

Unprecedented visibility into a business owner or principal's relationships with current and former business interests


Intelliscore Plus

Get the power of a score that predicts the likelihood of delinquency within the next 12 months

Financial Stability Risk Score

Quickly identify the highest risk businesses and avoid bankruptcy risk and accounts likely to default

Small Business Credit Share Scores

Developed exclusively for Small Business Credit Share members — two highly predictive scores to assess portfolio risk and portfolio benchmarking

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Scoring

Implement Experian's Intelliscore Plus to access risk on your entire portfolio


Account Monitoring Service

Comprehensive alerts that notify you of changes to an account within your portfolio


DecisionIQ Premier

Enable automated, customized decisioning for new accounts based on your organization's risk tolerance

Mobile Applications

BusinessIQ Mobile

Instant decisions — in the palm of your hand


Business Compliance Insight

Faster manual review and enhanced due diligence


Prevent fraud and comply with regulatory mandates with BizID

Direct Data Access

Dynamic Access

Access always-fresh data more efficiently

Data Integration

Data Synthesis

Data Synthesis lets you navigate today’s complex business environment by viewing your customers with laser focus.


Improves the value of your customer profiles by integrating Experian business risk data with your customer records.

Custom Data

Commercial Risk Database Plus

The industry’s most powerful database of small and midsize U.S. businesses has been significantly enhanced to help credit professionals make more decisions faster and with improved results

Customer Aquisition

Marketing Analytics

Improve your bottom line with the key services provided by Marketing Analytics from Experian, including customized profiling, predictive modeling and segmentation

U.S. Business Database

Improve your B2B targeting with the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable U.S. business file

B2B Data Insights

Make informed decisions with insights from Experian’s best-in-class marketing database

Business Email Services

Profit from the industry’s most thorough and accurate business email database

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