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View more information on detecting early signs of trouble on your small business accounts.

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Portfolio MonitorSM

Detect early signs of trouble on your small-business accounts.

If customers in your portfolio are headed for trouble, knowing the information as soon as possible can help you take action to avoid risk. Portfolio MonitorSM sends you the latest breaking derogatory changes in your customers. Status changes are delivered weekly and bankruptcy filings are delivered daily. It is fairly common for business owners to leverage their personal assets to meet their business obligations, so provided you have permissible purpose per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can also monitor changes on a small business owner's personal credit.

Large portfolios monitoring over 5,000 accounts should consider using Account Monitoring ServiceSM because of the increased functionality and filtering.

Customizable Filters on Warnings

  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax liens and judgments
  • Increasingly late payments
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings
  • Derogatory information from other suppliers
  • Owner notices - public records including bankruptcies, derogatory payments, inquiries, new trade lines, collections, alternative addresses
  • Contribute data [link to data contribution page] to Experian and receive a discount
  • Purchase as part of a pay-as-you-go or subscription plan

Easy View Email Messages

Summary messages automatically notify you of new warnings can be delivered to you via email daily (bankruptcies) and weekly (all other notices). To see the details behind a list of warnings, users simply view a Warning Detail Report or choose a Business Profile Report or Intelliscore PlusSM score depending on the additional detail needed.

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