Four Online Tips For Offline Companies

Posted on Oct 21 2011 by

Simple ways you can adapt your in-store messaging for an online audience.

Small Business Saturday – Part III

Posted on Oct 20 2011 by

Prepare now with resources and information about Small Business Saturday.

Preparing for Small Business Saturday – Part II

Posted on Oct 18 2011 by

See how you can drive in more traffic on Small Business Saturday and the remainder of the holiday buying season.

Five Ways To Handle Negative Comments

Posted on Oct 17 2011 by

See how easy it is to combat negative comments.

How to Prepare for Small Business Saturday

Posted on Oct 13 2011 by

Make sure you are prepared to drive more traffic during the holiday season.

Quick And Easy Tips To Leverage Your Existing Customers

Posted on Oct 11 2011 by

Don’t introduce yourself to a customer you’ve already met.

Small Business Marketing Resources – An Interview With Seth Godin

Posted on Oct 10 2011 by

Seth Godin: On Passion, Fighting Resistance & Being Weird

Five ways to ramp up your holiday sales

Posted on Oct 07 2011 by

With the holidays approaching, there’s no time like the present to think about how to market your business to new and existing customers. Ready to ramp up your sales? Try these five quick tips for making a lasting impression this holiday season:   Beef up your customer service. There’s no quicker way to turn away […]

3 Steps to Start Using Twitter

Posted on Oct 04 2011 by

Nowadays social networking websites have opened the door for consumers to respond to the marketing messages with their own voice. Twitter is one of the channels where consumers have become particularly vocal about their loved (or hated) brands and businesses.

Email Responsibly. Taking a closer look at the world of email marketing

Posted on Sep 30 2011 by

Taking a closer look at the world of email marketing