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Not All Marketing Lists Are Created Equal

Posted on Jan 25 2012 by

You’re ready to launch your next big direct marketing campaign.  The offer is set, the creative piece is ready, now you need to determine who to send it to.  You’ve put in a tremendous effort to create an attractive direct marketing piece with a great offer.  Effective marketing is all about getting the right message, […]

You know your customers, but do you understand them?

Posted on Dec 09 2011 by

You probably know your customers, but do you really understand them?  Knowing your customers — information typically collected by a business — means you generally know who they are demographically, their age, gender, location, etc.  Most small businesses do a good job on this front.  When it comes to understanding customers, however, many companies come […]

Build Customer Loyalty and Increase Sales

Posted on Jul 05 2011 by

Can you think of business to which you are regular, repeat customer?  Why?  What does that business do for you to make you loyal? Is it extraordinary customer service, quality product, personalized service, all of the above?  For me it’s Dick Ponds, my local running shoe store.  They understand my needs, have a great staff, […]