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Bootstrap your marketing: Use mobile marketing to your advantage

Posted on Jul 29 2011 by

If you’re regularly sending emails to your customers, then you might already know the value of email campaigns. With a low capital outlay required and a high potential for return on investment, email is one of the lowest-cost marketing mediums you can employ. There are, however, special considerations for email marketers hoping to capture the […]

Bootstrap your marketing: Market your business in unlikely places

Posted on Jul 14 2011 by

Welcome to part two of this multipart series on bootstrapping your marketing. Here’s a quick, easy way to promote your business with all of your outgoing documents.

Bootstrap your marketing: Be an online expert

Posted on Jul 08 2011 by

 It doesn’t take a ton of money to market your small business. All it takes is determination, combined with a little strategy. In this, the first of a multipart series, I’ll walk you through basic, low-cost marketing techniques that any small business can use to boost their marketing to the next level. On the […]

How to Measure Your Social Marketing Returns

Posted on Jul 01 2011 by

In my last post, I gave you three tips for generating leads with social search. Now it’s time to think about measuring the return on social marketing. There’s no question that social media has value. In a May 2011 online poll conducted by social marketing platform company Roost, more than 71 percent of the local […]

Top Three Ways to Generate Leads With Social Search

Posted on Jun 28 2011 by

It’s a new era in social media — one where it’s not enough simply to create a Facebook page for your business and hope to attract fans. Welcome to the age of social search — and, for your small business, social marketing.