What’s the difference between the First Time Homebuyers and New Homeowners lists?

So you’re looking for new prospects in the area and you want to start building relationships with new residents before your competition does. Both first time homebuyers and new homeowners sound like the people you should be reaching out to with your advertising, but one group may be better for you to target that the other.

The key difference between the First Time Homebuyer and the New Homeowners lists from Experian is that to target first time homeowners, Experian uses prediction tools, while the information on new homeowners is gathered through public records. Both have their benefits depending on your timing. If you want to find people who are likely to be in the market for buying their first home, the First Time Homebuyer list is the way to go. New Homeowners lists take more time to gather since they are developed from public records, but they provide more definitive information about these new homeowners in your area.

With our New Homeowners list, you can target your direct-mail marketing efforts to prospects that are new to their neighborhood, who have special purchasing needs and who are ready to establish loyal relationships. New homeowners are great leads for home security companies, professional decorators and organizers, lawn-care companies and more. New homeowners are also good candidates for start for mortgage refinancing offers, home-equity loans and other home-related financing.

First time homebuyers are pressured with lots of purchasing decisions as they look for their first homes. They need businesses they trust to help them answer questions about lending, insurance companies, credit reports and using a realtor, for example. People who buy their first home also have to make a variety of purchases to go along with the home; lawn care products, home accessories, furniture, etc. 

Both lists provide valuable information about people who are very receptive to advertising, particularly direct mail, as they need to make a variety of purchases and want to build relationships with businesses they can trust. Be the first to meet these new prospects in the area, before your competition gets to them first.