Small Business Saturday – Part IX

Small Business Saturday is a great time to let your expertise shine.

Remember, you started your business because you are an expert in what you do. Your customers come to you because they like the service they receive. By using your blog and your social media channels to ask questions of your customers, provide answers or guidance, and engage in conversations, you’ll build credibility for your business and build a loyal customer base.

 Here are some ways to tie this content into Small Business Saturday:

  • Ask your customers on your Facebook page what local businesses they will be shopping at on Small Business Saturday.
  • Post examples of what you like most about working with your customers.
  • Share links to other local small-business offers for Small Business Saturday. Encourage the “shop local” theme. 

Content is what you know best and why your customers turn to you when they have questions or needs. Small Business Saturday is a great time to ramp up your social marketing and let your expertise shine.

Click here to get our ebooklet, Ten Tips To Maximize Small Business Saturday.  Become part of the movement.  Drive more traffic and sales.  And most of all, enjoy this holiday season.

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