Three Rules For Creative Brainstorming

How often do you gather your team for a day of brainstorming, freewheeling powwows or ideation sessions?  Often the goal of such meetings are used to produce an idea that leads to your company’s next great feature, product or service. You’re in the moment, sparks are flying, your brain’s going a mile a minute.  This is what you want – the friendly competition from a diverse range of bright, talented colleagues to stimulate original ideas that you never thought you could have.

If you want to get the most from a positive brainstorming session, check out these 3 simple rules:

  • Jump right in. Lengthy preambles and presentations will kill the energetic buzz you’ve stoked with a buffet table of caffeine and carbs. Say hello, state the target problem in one sentence, and then start with a crazy creative exercise if need be.
  • Bring in a few ringers. See if you can recruit creative non-marketers who keep the conversation going during natural lulls. They might not know your business inside and out, but they do understand, intuitively, how to communicate and connect with people. The outside perspective can also challenge your company’s usual way of thinking.
  • Give concepts the benefit of the doubt. Some ideas might grow on you; some might lose their appeal in the light of day. So if there’s even just an inkling of something you like about an idea, keep it around for a while.