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Driving with the top down? You’re probably highly educated and very successful

Posted on Jul 25 2014 by

Summertime only comes around but once a year. And when it does, you can always expect to see the sun shining brightly, kids eating ice cream and folks heading to the beach.

While all these may be staples of the season, none are more indicative of summer than seeing someone drive down the highway in a nice convertible with the wind blowing through their hair.


Consumers purchasing an electric vehicle are younger and more affluent than those buying a hybrid [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on Apr 22 2014 by

In honor of Earth Day, Experian Automotive released findings from an analysis comparing electric and hybrid* vehicles. Findings from the analysis showed that in 2013, more than 45 percent of hybrid car buyers were 56 years old or older, while roughly 26 percent of electric car buyers were of the same age. The greater percentage (55 percent) of electric buyers were between the ages of 36 years old and 55 years old. Additionally, nearly 21 percent of consumers purchasing an electric car had an average household income of $175,000 or more. Conversely, only 12 percent of consumers purchasing a hybrid had an average household income of the same level.


What’s the rest of your generation driving?

Posted on Jan 06 2014 by

Experian’s State of Credit report recently highlighted the credit savviness of four generational groups, and showed how differently they manage their financial obligations. As you’d expect, there were several intriguing findings, so we extended the research to see how these same generational groups would differ when it comes to buying a vehicle.

In a recent analysis of market trends in the automotive industry, Experian Automotive looked at vehicle registrations, and examined the car buying habits of Millennials (up to 32 years old), Generation X (33-48 years old), Baby Boomers (49-67 years old) and the Silent Generation (68-85 years old).


A holiday gift from the automotive credit world – interest rates at an all-time low

Posted on Dec 09 2013 by

shutterstock_78557164 (1)

With less than a month left in the year, what does your to-do list look like? Finish holiday shopping? Jotting down your resolutions for the new year? Or perhaps you plan on heading down to the car dealership to take advantage of the great end of year sale offers. If it’s the latter of the three, you might just be in luck, because it’s a very good time to purchase a new vehicle.

According to Experian Automotive’s Q3 State of Automotive Finance Market report, the average interest rate for a new vehicle loan hit 4.27 percent, down from 4.53 percent a year ago. This marks the lowest rate we have seen, since Experian began publicly reporting the data in 2008.


Experian and the Small Business Administration lending a hand to small businesses

Posted on Nov 13 2013 by

Owning your own business is what many perceive to be as the American dream. And if you’ve been fortunate enough to make that dream a reality, then you’ve certainly heard how indispensable your business is to the country’s economy. But as invaluable as your small business is, many small business owners face daily challenges when it comes to sustainability, profitability and growth.

For the last year, Experian and the Small Business Administration (SBA) have lent a helping hand to small businesses that are facing those types of challenges. As a part of their efforts, all Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) firms and small businesses that are considered to be socially and economically disadvantaged under the SBA’s 8(a) business development program have full access to BusinessIQ Express.


Top five models show Northeast and Midwest on opposite ends of the new vehicle spectrum

Posted on Oct 29 2013 by

Grab a pen and paper. Jot down some differences between the Northeast and Midwest. What came to mind? Maybe it was the bright city lights of the Northeast versus the Midwest’s starlit farms? Or maybe it’s the city’s busy streets compared to quiet open fields? What you may or may not have written down is that Northeasterners prefer to drive more import vehicles than the folks in the Midwest.

According to Experian Automotive’s mid-year review of automotive market trends, in the first half of 2013, the top five new vehicle models in the Northeast region were all import brands. Conversely, as one might have guessed, American-made vehicles dominated the Midwestern roads. In the Northeast, the list was made up of the Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic and Nissan Altima. Out in the Midwest, Ford vehicles made up four of the top five and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 filled out the list. The top five in order included the F-150, Fusion, Escape, Silverado 1500 and the Focus.


New York area businesses had lowest business bankruptcy rates in Q2

Posted on Sep 23 2013 by

Most people will tell you that they’re extremely proud when their hometown or current city accomplishes something. Hometown pride is why people are diehard fans for the local professional or college sports teams. Knowing that their city shines bright in any light, gives people a good feeling inside.

With that said, people in the New York Metro area should have a strong sense of pride in how their businesses are performing. According to Experian’s Q2 Metro Business Pulse analysis, which looks at the top metropolitan areas in four key business credit categories, businesses in the New York area had the lowest average bankruptcy rates in the quarter, at just 0.28 percent. Those in the Nassau, NY; Baton Rouge, La; Honolulu; and Miami areas also have reason to be excited, as their businesses rounded out the top five with the lowest rates in this category.


Experian Releases Findings from its New Metro Business Pulse Analysis

Posted on Jul 22 2013 by













You’re sitting at home thinking about opening up a new business…maybe you’re just planning on relocating an existing office…or maybe you’re looking to do business with a new vendor. Whatever the situation may be, you have to ask the question, which cities are primed for new business opportunity? Where are businesses performing at a high level? Are businesses in City A paying their bills faster than City B?


To Buy, or to Lease? … That is the question.

Posted on Jun 04 2013 by

Most people shopping for a new car ask themselves that question all the time. In fact, there are many questions that surround whether to buy or lease a vehicle. What are the benefits of one over the other? Would my payment be lower if I leased? What if I decided to buy the car after, would there be a penalty?

Recently, these questions became very real to me when I found myself having to shop for a new car following the untimely death of my husband’s previous vehicle. The deceased was the typical “Dude” car – huge engine, power everything and it was bright yellow. For the new car, I wanted him to get something a bit more sensible; He wanted everything he had before and then some. So, as you can imagine, shopping was a lot of fun (insert sarcasm here).


Hybrid Vehicles Grow in Popularity and Attract More than just “Green” Consumers

Posted on Apr 22 2013 by

When Kermit the frog said, “It’s not that easy being green,” he may not have been referring to the automotive market, but he may have been on to something.

Hybrid/alternative power vehicles are one of the smallest segments in the U.S., and have only just recently achieved a little more than one percent of the total vehicles in operation. However, according to Experian Automotive’s recently released Earth Day report, the segment has witnessed steady market share growth, increasing by 40.9 percent since 2011.


Ford Revved Its Engines and Kept Its Customers Coming Back for More

Posted on Apr 15 2013 by

When I think of large, successful companies, a couple of thoughts come to mind; excellent customer service, constant innovation and the unmistakable ability to attract new customers. While each of these is important in its own right, some would argue, the mark of a truly successful company is one that satisfies its existing customers, and keeps them coming back for more.

In our recently released Loyalty and Market Trends Report, we found that Ford did just that, as they passed GM and Toyota to take the top spot in corporate loyalty during Q4 2012. During the time period, 47.9 percent of the customers who owned a Ford vehicle returned to market to buy another Ford or Lincoln.


The Truth About Vehicle History Reports

Posted on Apr 02 2013 by

The used car buying process can be as challenging for dealers as it is for consumers. Both parties want to make sure they are getting the best deal on a car that is safe and reliable. But how does anyone really know what they are getting?


Experian Teams Up with the Small Business Administration

Posted on Mar 20 2013 by

Ronald Reagan once said, “Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.” A truth that still holds true. In the current economic climate, however, small-business owners have found themselves under increased pressure to maintain profitability and grow their business.

Since its founding in 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses.


Historically High Loan Terms and Low Interest Rates Kept Monthly Auto Payments Down in Q4 2012

Posted on Mar 05 2013 by

Who doesn’t like low monthly payments? Unless you are lucky enough to buy a car outright, most consumers would agree that when making any large purchase, one of the goals is to keep the monthly payments as low and affordable as possible. Whether it is providing a large down payment, extending loan terms or securing the lowest interest rates, keeping costs down is a number one priority (at least in my household).


Want to Guess Which Auto Maker Has the Most Brand Loyal Customers? It’s Ford!

Posted on Jan 15 2013 by

In today’s ultra competitive world, every organization is doing what it can to not only reach new customers, but, some could argue more importantly, to hold on to the ones they already have.

In the recently released Loyalty and Market Trends Report by Experian Automotive, we looked at Automotive Loyalty at the brand, model and corporate level to see which auto makers were the most successful at keeping their customers coming back for more.

Drum roll please … our analysis found that Ford took the top spot in Brand Loyalty* overall and that the Ford Fusion and the Ford Flex took the top two spots for brand loyalty at the model level during Q3 2012 (surpassing the Q2 2012 model loyalty leader Chevrolet Sonic).


Experian: Automotive Financing, Leasing Continue to Rise

Posted on Dec 04 2012 by

The auto finance market is always a hot topic for discussion. After all, a vehicle loan is the second largest purchase that most consumers will ever make (the first being a home).


Small Businesses Faced Significant Challenges in Third Quarter

Posted on Nov 20 2012 by









Small businesses are getting a lot of attention right now. With the presidential election, Affordable Care Act and talk of the looming fiscal cliff, small business health and survival concerns have been widely discussed across the United States.

Earlier this year, Experian’s Business Information Services and Moody’s Analytics, a leading independent provider of economic forecasting, joined forces to create a business index and detailed report that provides insight into the health of U.S. businesses. The Experian/Moody’s Analytics Small Business Credit Index is reported quarterly to show fluctuations in the market and discuss factors that are impacting the business economy.

Details from the Q3 analysis highlighted …


Toyota Tops Corporate Loyalty, Ford Leads Brand Loyalty

Posted on Oct 10 2012 by

Whether you own the largest pickup or the smallest hybrid on the market, one thing remains clear – folks in the U.S. love their vehicles.

In the recently released Loyalty and Market Trends Report by Experian Automotive, we looked at several key trends that highlight who is buying what, and which auto makers received highest marks in loyalty in Q2.


Experian Automotive: Midrange Cars are Top-Selling Segment; Toyota Camry Top Vehicle

Posted on Sep 11 2012 by

Experian Automotive today announced that midrange cars were the highest-selling vehicle segment in the first half of 2012, according to its latest vehicle registration analysis.

The analysis also showed that the Toyota Camry topped the list of best-selling vehicles for the first half, with the Ford F-150 coming in a close second. In the first half of 2011, the F-150 was the best-selling vehicle, with the Camry coming in second.


Subprime Auto Loans in Q2 2012 Exceeded Prerecession Levels

Posted on Sep 04 2012 by

Experian Automotive today announced that loans to customers in the nonprime, subprime and deep-subprime risk tiers accounted for more than one in four new vehicle loans in Q2 2012.


Experian Automotive Market Trends Report Shows Recovery by Toyota and Honda

Posted on Jul 24 2012 by

According to the Experian Automotive industry market trends and loyalty report, Toyota finished third in overall corporate loyalty, with 45.7 percent of their customers who returned to market during Q1 2012 purchasing or leasing another Toyota vehicle. Toyota’s corporate loyalty ranking had dropped to 41.8 percent in Q2 2011, the first full quarter after the earthquake and tsunami. Honda’s corporate loyalty was 42.1 percent in Q1 2012, after falling to 36.4 percent in Q3 2011.


Experian Automotive to Provide National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems (NMVTIS) Reports to California Auto Dealers

Posted on Jul 02 2012 by

Experian Automotive today announced that it will offer National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems (NMVTIS) Reports to California auto dealers, enabling them to stay in compliance with new government regulations.


The Number of Older Vehicles on the Road Increased More Than 17 Million Since 2009

Posted on Jun 27 2012 by

Experian Automotive today announced that there were 17.3 million more light-duty vehicles seven years and older on the road in the United States than there were three years ago.

According to its Q1 2012 Vehicles in Operation (VIO) market analysis, Experian Automotive also found that there were more than 245 million vehicles on U.S. roads, and that the age of vehicles increased when compared to Q1 2011, up 1.9 percent to an average age of 11 years.


Experian Healthcare Ranks #77 on the Healthcare Informatics 100 List

Posted on Jun 07 2012 by

Experian Healthcare, the leading provider of financial information services and market intelligence for health systems, hospitals, medical groups and specialty organizations, today announced that it is ranked No. 77 on the 2012 Healthcare Informatics (HCI) 100 list.


Consumer Credit Scores for Auto Loans Drop to Near Prerecession Levels

Posted on May 29 2012 by

Experian Automotive today announced that average credit scores for consumers buying a vehicle have dropped to near prerecession levels.

According to its quarterly automotive credit analysis, the average credit score for financing a new vehicle dropped six points to 760 and dropped four points to 659 for used vehicles. Comparatively, credit scores in Q1 of 2008 were at an average of 753 for new vehicles and 653 for used.