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Profile: Jeremy is a Manager of Government Affairs responsible for analyzing legislative and regulatory proposals impacting the information services industry. He specializes in issues relating to credit reporting, identity theft, financial literacy, e-commerce and privacy. Jeremy has also worked as an aide in the United State Senate, advising senior Republican Senators on issues before the Senate Banking and Commerce Committees. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida Southern College and an MBA from The George Washington University.

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Now That the CFPB Has Arrived, What’s First on Its Agenda?

Posted on Apr 12 2012 by

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been busy hiring staff and building a regulatory agency from the ground up since July 21, 2011, when it assumed full rulemaking, enforcement and supervisory authority over 18 of the nation’s consumer protection laws that guide financial products and services, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, The Truth in Lending Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


The Changing Privacy Landscape: What’s At Stake?

Posted on Apr 04 2012 by

Consumer information is at the center of our economy. It connects us to the right products and services, helps companies innovate and expand, and allows consumers to make smarter choices throughout their lives. While the use of consumer information is becoming more important to businesses and consumers, there is a growing concern among policy makers that the laws governing consumer privacy are not keeping up.


Experian Provides Consumers with Helpful Resources

Posted on Apr 03 2012 by

Many consumers simply do not understand what a credit report, credit score or id theft is until they have either been denied a loan or fallen victim to fraud. As part of Experian’s Live Credit Smart program, the company offers consumers information on the specific areas that they need to live credit smart.