How to Handle Student Loans

In this #CreditChat, we discuss ways to pay off student debt with Stephanie Halligan from Make sure to follow her @EmpoweredDollar

Here are highlights:

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Questions we covered:

Q1: What should students know before taking a college loan? What should they watch out for?
Q2: What do you think about going to junior college to save money?
Q3: What are some ways to save money while in college?
Q4: What tips do you have for college grads trying to figure out their finances?
Q5: What are some ways to pay off a student loan faster?
Q6: How do you balance paying off student loan debt while trying to save and/or invest?
Q7: What should you do if you’re having trouble paying your student loan?
Q8: Any final tips for paying off student loan debt?

Some favorite tweets:

Tweet: “Grads, please negotiate your salary! That’s extra money to pay off debt.” @EmpoweredDollar #CreditChat

“Student loans can feel overwhelming. Don’t forget to celebrate the small wins.” @EmpoweredDollar

“Don’t borrow more than you need.” @EmpoweredDollar

We storified the full tweetchat below:

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