What Does Your Pet Say About You and Your Finances? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re like me, your dog is one of your best buds.

This infographic takes a fun look at pet owners in the US, sharing some interesting facts. Pets, while loveable, can be quite costly.

Did you know…

  • Americans spend $55 billion on pets annually.
  • A new pet costs a household about $1,000 – $2,000 in the first year.
  • Men typically spend an average of 30% more on their pets than women.
  • A medium size dog has a total cost of $6,445 – $12,005.
  • If you’re looking for a pet that won’t break the bank, a fresh water fish is likely your best bet.
  • Over its lifetime, it will cost somewhere around $270 – $900.
  • Being a pet owner could mean you get a tax break if you donate to adoption agencies or own a service dog.
  • Owners of snakes and other reptiles report among the highest salaries of pet owners, earning 6-figures.

A smart consumer and responsible pet owner should always know what he or she is getting into before getting a new furry (or slimy) addition. This will help make sure before you come home with your new friend, you’re ready for all that comes with being a pet owner so your finances or credit don’t take a hit.

[Click infographic to view full size]

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