How to Get Smart About Credit

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This week, we talked with Gigi Dixon – Head of National Partnerships for Wells Fargo about everything you should know about credit scores and credit reports.

The video panel also included: John Ulzheimer – Author and Credit Expert at, Shannon McNay – ReadyForZero,  and Mike Delgado – Social Media Community Manager at Experian.

Questions we discussed:

Q1: How often are you checking your credit report? Why?
Q2: What info goes into calculating credit scores? What impacts scores most?
Q3: What should you do if you find a mistake on a credit report?
Q4: How can you improve (or rebuild) credit scores?
Q5: What are benefits of having great credit scores?
Q6: What’s more important: your credit report or credit scores?
Q7: What are some common misconceptions about what impacts your credit?
Q8: Where can someone go to get help with their credit – or to learn more?
Q9: What are some final tips to help others with their credit?

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