Experian Marketing Services unveils comprehensive end-to-end Marketing Suite

The Experian Marketing Suite enables brands to create and deliver authentic customer experiences across all interaction points

Experian Marketing Services today launched the Experian Marketing Suite. Unveiled at Experian Marketing Services’ 2014 Client Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Marketing Suite is a cohesive end-to-end marketing solution that enables brands to create and deliver authentic customer experiences every time, in any channel and via any device.

The Marketing Suite allows brands to identify and profile customers better, while providing added intelligence to gain a complete and current view of the customer. Paired with a flexible campaign management platform, the Marketing Suite enables marketers to create personalized interactions in real time and increase the sophistication of their marketing efforts. Consumer insights and intelligence can be linked to a brand’s own data, making it available via every communication channel in a privacy compliant and secure manner.

“By leveraging our 30 years of data-driven marketing experience, combined with our expertise in data integration and intelligent customer analysis, our Experian Marketing Suite empowers brands to deliver higher customer lifetime value and benefit from long-term profitability,” said Matt Seeley, president of Experian Marketing Services. “Our goal is to stay flexible and adaptable to meet the changing needs of our clients. It’s through their direct feedback that we’ve created this Marketing Suite, providing brands with numerous competitive marketing advantages, including increased customer loyalty and improved marketing return on investment.”

The Experian Marketing Suite is made up of three core elements, providing marketers with the following competitive advantages:

  • Identity manager — Develop a comprehensive view of customers through accurately captured contact data, consumer data set enhancements and linkage across all customer interactions
  • Intelligence manager — Understand customer behaviors and preferences through actionable customer profiles, targeted messaging and engagement strategies
  • Interactions manager — Interact intelligently across all channels with a flexible campaign management platform that provides optimized interactions across all touch-points, analysis to optimize performance and campaign attribution

The Experian Marketing Suite was launched at Experian Marketing Services’ 2014 Client Summit in Las Vegas, Nev.  At the Client Summit, executives from Experian Marketing Services unveil the company’s latest products, capabilities, actionable case studies and groundbreaking consumer research, sharing the stage with clients and partners.

Learn more about the Experian Marketing Suite.

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