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Tips and benchmarks for how to optimize your mobile marketing efforts.

Mobile marketing: The extraordinary promise of the 5 inch screen

Posted on Jul 17 2014 by
Learn how to take advantage of the mobile devices that are dominating your customers’ lives.


What ‘Battlestar Galactica’ can teach us about geotargeting

Posted on Jun 20 2014 by
Geotargeting gives us the opportunity to engage with customers in the physical world at their moment of truth. To do that, marketers first must understand how to use geodata.


Hispanics are mobile-dominant. Are your campaigns?

Posted on May 19 2014 by
Highlights from the 2014 Hispanic Market Overview presented by López Negrete Communications focused on Hispanic consumers’ adoption and use of smartphones.


How device recognition can make marketing campaigns better

Posted on Apr 16 2014 by
Device recognition will be yet another technology challenge for marketers but has the potential to overcome many key tracking, measurement and privacy issues with which data-driven marketers have struggled.


Mobile takes on television for device supremacy

Posted on Apr 04 2014 by
Having insight into how consumers behave, especially how they use different channels to discover, purchase and get service, plays a big role in how marketers target customer experiences, as well as how they develop marketing plans.


Meet today’s new smartphone consumers

Posted on Apr 03 2014 by
There are seven distinct types of smartphone users ranging from those who rarely put their device down to those who barely pick it up.


Make your emails ring with a “tap 2 call” button

Posted on Mar 17 2014 by
How making phone numbers in emails clickable can add to the customer experience and enhance your email reporting.


The grid, the bad and the ugly: Mastering responsive design

Posted on Mar 05 2014 by
This post gives an overview of how responsive design email templates can work to your advantage in the age of the on-the-go customer.


How to engage viewers of the Winter Olympics

Posted on Feb 10 2014 by
Insights on how viewers of the Winter Olympics engage with various platforms for content.


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